Tupac, Friends – The Underground Tracks

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  1. A1: Dedication 1:45
  2. A2: Real Bad Boys 2:03
  3. A3: Be The Realist 1:39
  4. A4: Ooh Wee 1:37
  5. A5: Galifornia Hustler 1:21
  6. A6: Raise Up Off N.u.t.s 1:38
  7. B1: Monday Morning 1:35
  8. B2: Stop The Gun Fight 1:56
  9. B3: West Coast 1:20
  10. B4: Never Say Never 2:06
  11. B5: The Fatha Figga 1:33
  12. B5: Slippin' Into Darkness 2:18

LABEL: ZYX20550-1 | Zyx Music
STYLES: Hip-Hop Classics, Hip-Hop

A1: Dedication
A2: Real Bad Boys
A3: Be The Realist
A4: Ooh Wee
A5: Galifornia Hustler
A6: Raise Up Off N.u.t.s
B1: Monday Morning
B2: Stop The Gun Fight
B3: West Coast
B4: Never Say Never
B5: The Fatha Figga
B5: Slippin’ Into Darkness


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