Makèz – City of all 2×12″

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  1. A1: The Entrance 1:30
  2. A2: Not So Different (Ft Lyma) 1:30
  3. A3: City Of All 1:30
  4. A4: Sonder 1:30
  5. B1: Gonna Getya 1:30
  6. B2: Orbit 1:30
  7. B3: Looking Up (Ft Allysha Joy) 1:30
  8. C1: Feel The Same 1:30
  9. C2: Roselane (Ft Fouk) 1:30
  10. C3: Returning 1:30
  11. D1: Humming Harmonies (Ft Lyma) 1:30
  12. D2: Bent With Funk 1:30
  13. D3: Encounters 1:30

LABEL: HEISTLP02 | Heist Recordings
STYLES: House Disco, Club, Funky, Jazzy | Hip-Hop Downbeat

A1: The Entrance
A2: Not So Different (Ft Lyma)
A3: City Of All
A4: Sonder
B1: Gonna Getya
B2: Orbit
B3: Looking Up (Ft Allysha Joy)
C1: Feel The Same
C2: Roselane (Ft Fouk)
C3: Returning
D1: Humming Harmonies (Ft Lyma)
D2: Bent With Funk
D3: Encounters


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