Oceans Of My Mind (Urmet K, SURAJ, Simina Grigoriu & Moe Danger mixes)

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  1. 1. "Oceans Of My Mind" (6:32) KALDERA/LAZARUSMAN 2:00
  2. 2. "Oceans Of My Mind" (Urmet K remix) (6:09) KALDERA/LAZARUSMAN 2:00
  3. 1. "Oceans Of My Mind" (Suraj club mix) (6:03) KALDERA/LAZARUSMAN 2:00
  4. 2. "Oceans Of My Mind" (Simina Grigoriu & Moe Danger) (7:19) KALDERA/LAZARUSMAN 2:00

Side 1
1. “Oceans Of My Mind” (6:32)
2. “Oceans Of My Mind” (Urmet K remix) (6:09)
Side 2
1. “Oceans Of My Mind” (Suraj club mix) (6:03)
2. “Oceans Of My Mind” (Simina Grigoriu & Moe Danger) (7:19)


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House Music With Love makes a welcome return to the fray with a fresh new 12″ from Kaldera and Lazarusman, who team up to present the swirling, thought-provoking “Oceans Of My Mind.” Between Kaldera’s brooding production and Lazarusman’s off-centre poetry, it’s the kind of track that will suit a lot of different environments and always stand out. As well as the original, there’s a strong run of remixes on offer here, from Urmet K’s softer, smoother deep house approach to SURAJ’s infectiously funky version, wrapping up with the more epic peak time thrust of Simina Grigoriu & Moe Danger’s take on the distinctive source material.


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