Nebulosa EP

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  1. 1. "Nebulosa" 2:00
  2. 1. "Asteroides" 2:00
  3. 2. "O-Type" 2:00


Side 1
1. “Nebulosa”
Side 2
1. “Asteroides”
2. “O-Type”


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Brazilian producer Apoena has been steadily issuing serious heaters for labels like Underground Quality and Stuga Musik since 2010, but the core of his output can be found on his own Allnite Music label. The Nebulosa EP features more of the immersive, shimmering tech house tones he’s built his name on thus far, leading in with the swirling wonderment of the title track before swerving on the B side into the more punchy, deliciously dubbed out “Asteroides.” Bringing the most overtly house-oriented sounds on the record, “O-Type” signs off on a weighty, head-nodding groove carefully crafted for eyes-closed transcendence, whether you’re rocking the jam in your headphones or on the floor.


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