Another Channel – (dub) Excursion(s)

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  1. A1: Rub Dub 1:17
  2. A2: Amir Dub 1:19
  3. A3: (Yes! Badness) 1:19
  4. A4: Ael Na Dub 1:55
  5. B1: Solid 1:33
  6. B2: Ethiopian Dub 1:30
  7. B3: Uranus 1:36
  8. B4: Run (Babe Roots Remix) 2:04

ARTIST(S):Another Channel
TITLE:(dub) Excursion(s)
LABEL:MSLP008RP | Moonshine Recordings

A1: Rub Dub
A2: Amir Dub
A3: (Yes! Badness)
A4: Ael Na Dub
B1: Solid
B2: Ethiopian Dub
B3: Uranus
B4: Run (Babe Roots Remix)


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